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Ronin (2015) Full Game Free Download

After multiple delays, Dying Light 2 launched at the start of February to enormous success, both critically and from the game's initial sales. This is all in spite of the launch day issues and bugs, which were numerous. Thankfully, Techland has continued to chip away at the issues plaguing the overall experience, releasing a number of updates which have addressed a multitude of issues including Dying Light 2's problematic Death Loop bug.

Ronin (2015) Full Game Free Download

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Positioned as a live service game, consistent updates should be expected. In addition to bug squashing and various improvements, Dying Light 2 has already started to see plenty of free downloadable content as well. Cosmetic packs for Authority and Peacekeeper-themed gear have recently been made available, allowing players to dress protagonist Aiden Caldwell as one of the factions. Now, Techland has revealed new cosmetic content coming to the game, though it will require players to stay vigilant in order to complete the set.

Announced on the official Dying Light 2 Twitter account, the Ronin Pack allows players to look like a futuristic style Ronin wandering the zombie ridden streets of Villador. However, this free DLC release has a catch in that players will need to claim the gear in three separate parts in order to complete the full set. Part 1 became available on February 21 and includes the Jacket, Pants, and shoes.

Part 2 releases on February 23 and comes with the mask, light guards, and gloves. The final part of this free DLC arrives on February 25 and includes a powerful and unique katana to fully complete the masterless samurai look. Thankfully, Dying Light 2 players can grab these items whenever as they can't be missed. While they're releasing across multiple days, the gear will be available to download from online marketplaces including Steam, Epic Games Store, as well as the Xbox and PlayStation stores.

After Garmadon sacrificed himself and was sent into the Cursed Realm, Lloyd left the team for a while to cope with losing his father. Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay, meet a new threat: Ronin, a mercenary who only seeks money (also the person who kidnaped Zane for Master Chen for big money). while training with Dareth. After chasing Ronin he begins erasing the ninjas memories with an unknown weapon but is unable to finish because of Sensei Wu who discovers that only a few years of memories were erased. After talking with the original owner of the obsidian glave that Ronin use to wipe the Ninjas memories with tells the ninja to go to the Toxic bogs. After making a potion from a plant in the toxic bogs The ninja have a vision of obsidian weapons that can restore their memories. After finding the last of the weapons Ronin uses an elemental cyristal on the Ninja Wu takes them to ask Lloyd for help whom agrees to help and takes them to see his mom for help on what the Ronin is after. Once the They find the primal folcrum (Ronins main target) they discover that Lloyds mom was under the control of Ronin whom freezes the ninja but not before Lloyd destroys the obsidian glave freeing his mom. After Ronin grabs the last three elemental crystals Ronin reveals that he plans to use the folcrum to bring back Chen from the cursed realm. After following ronin into the Portal After him the ninja have a final battle with Ronin who escapes but in the process knocks the ninjas weapons out of their hands and into the endless abiss. Once the ninja escape the portal Kai says the Jay has lost his pants revealing that Kai was telling the story of the game the whole time with Jay saying that that's not what happened at all with Kai asking him who is telling the story as everybody laughs. In the ending someone is shown stealing to helmet of darkness to use the Stone Army. It is revealed to be Dareth who uses the Warriors to clean his house and be his servants with Dareth ending the game saying I love this thing.

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