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Narayana Varma Stotra Pdf Download

Narayana Varma Stotra PDF Download

Narayana Varma Stotra is a hymn of praise and protection dedicated to Lord Narayana, the supreme personality of Godhead. It is composed by King Indra, the king of the demigods, when he was attacked by the demon Vritrasura. The stotra describes the glories and attributes of Lord Narayana, who is the source of all creation, maintenance and destruction. The stotra also invokes the blessings and protection of Lord Narayana, who is the ultimate shelter and refuge for all living beings.


Narayana Varma Stotra is found in the sixth canto of Shrimad Bhagavatam, one of the most sacred scriptures in Hinduism. It is also known as Narayana Kavacham, as it acts as a shield (kavacha) against all kinds of dangers and calamities. The stotra consists of 24 verses, which are divided into three sections: the invocation, the praise and the prayer. The stotra can be recited daily or on special occasions, such as festivals, eclipses, or times of distress.

If you want to download Narayana Varma Stotra in PDF format, you can find some links below. These links are from reliable sources that provide authentic and accurate translations and transliterations of the stotra. You can also listen to the audio or video versions of the stotra, which are rendered by renowned singers and scholars.

  • [Narayana Varma Sthothra ( नरयण वर्म) - YouTube]: This is a video of Narayana Varma Stotra sung by Sri Nagendra Udupa, a well-known vocalist and composer. The video also provides the Sanskrit text and the English meaning of each verse.

  • [Learn Narayana Kavacham from Shrimad Bhagavatam - YouTube]: This is a video of Narayana Kavacham chanted by Sri Ramesh Natarajan, a learned scholar and teacher. The video also provides the Sanskrit text, the English transliteration and the English meaning of each verse. You can also download the MP3 files and the PDF document from the description section of the video.

  • [Narayana Varma Sumadhwa Seva]: This is a website that provides various resources related to Madhwa philosophy and culture. You can find the PDF file of Narayana Varma Stotra in Kannada script, along with other devotional hymns and rituals.

We hope that this article has helped you to learn more about Narayana Varma Stotra and how to download it in PDF format. We also hope that you will recite this stotra regularly and experience the grace and protection of Lord Narayana.


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