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Within his Ruby's virtual realities, Infinite was able to make himself faster and stronger than even Sonic.[22] His speed was so great that he was able to outpace Sonic while he was boosting. Similarly, his strength became potent enough to knock away someone of Sonic's size with enough force to crack a concrete arch upon impact.[25] He also used his Ruby to give himself the power of flight and levitation, deadly energy beam emission, energy ball projection, self-replication, size enhancement, shockwave manipulation, gravity distortion, object materialization, and teleportation. He was even able to manifest giant monsters in his likeness, trap beings in virtual realities, create a whole sun that moved according to his will, and mimic the special techniques of others, such as Metal Sonic's exclusive V. Maximum Overdrive Attack. In battle though, Infinite primarily used his finalized Phantom Ruby copy to generate crimson cubes that he could skillfully and willingly move around. If an opponent got struck by these cubes, they would be sent into a virtual reality where they were assailed by objects manifested by his Ruby's power. He could generate a large number of these cubes and arrange them into a variety of different shapes and forms.

VR Retreat full crack [Xforce]


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