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Gennady Bolshakov
Gennady Bolshakov

Mirai Nikki Episode 22

Well... the manga fanboys did say that this episode was going too fast, and now there are only a few material to be put into 4 remaining episodes. Maybe the anime is going to have it's own different ending? Like how they made up Marco & Ai's past?When Akise was introduced, we saw that Deus can still watch the whole story from the Heaven (through LCD monitors, lol) on later episodes, so there's really no need for him to create a doll do information gathering? Maybe his main task is to protect Yuki and alter the course of the game.

Mirai Nikki Episode 22

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Wait wait.There's still 4 episodes right? And we just finished this decapitation part.Woah, now they're going way too fast with all this development. I was hoping for one more episode with this before the final stretch.Now what's going to happen with the last 4 episodes? I can't figure out how to spread the remaining materials. Dammit I'm confused now.

In episode 22 of Mirai Nikki after Aru kissed Yukiteru, a angry Yuno runs and attacks Aru who slices/breaks her future diary in half. I definitely heard the phone go static which indicates when a future is changing, so my question is why didn't she die? 041b061a72


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