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Resident Evil 3 Rom Psx

Upon its release on the PlayStation console, Resident Evil 3 received "universal acclaim", according to Metacritic.[31] GameSpot editor James Mielke considered it the most sophisticated and accomplished Resident Evil game in terms of graphics and gameplay.[37] Official UK PlayStation Magazine called Resident Evil 3 "a modern-day classic", concluding that the game "creates a believable environment, populates it with a host of evil adversaries and uses Raccoon City's urban sprawl to enhance the fiendish puzzles."[40] Computer and Video Games (CVG) remarked that the game preserves the best features of its predecessors and adds "some exciting new elements".[33] Similarly, Edge described it as "engrossing", despite its similarity to its predecessors, and found the Mercenaries mode a valuable addition.[34]

Resident Evil 3 Rom Psx


Jill Valentine, special S.T.A.R.S. operative, reprises her role as the hunted. The faceless evil of the Umbrella Corporation is loose on the streets in the form of genetically mutated undead, and Jill is trapped in the city. The object is simple: avoid becoming a zombie entree and get out of Raccoon City!

Story SPOILER Alert -- If you don't want to know the full story, stop reading here. Titled Biohazard: The Last Escape in Japan and fit into one disc, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (in the rest of the world) continues the saga of the poor souls who live in the once peaceful Raccoon City. Beleaguered by an over-powerful company called Umbrella, Raccoon City resident suffer from the deadly, man-made T-Virus, which slowly kills its hosts (usually, but not always, people), and then transforms them in to tortured, flesh-eating zombies, hungry for only one thing, fresh, lovely -- and almost always human -- blood.

This 3rd edition of the popular action thriller offers mini-game Mercenaries type, as well as the original story line game play. You must join Jill Valentine and head out to Raccoon City to defeat the evil creatures in this nightmarish world.


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