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Nolan White
Nolan White

Doki Doki Literature Club Minecraft Mod TOP

So... after a long time I decided to continue with the mod. I will release a new update soon, with a LOT of dialogues with images, the literature club itself and a bunch of new items and objectives. I don't have a date for it though, but it's almost done.

doki doki literature club minecraft mod

Doki Doki Literature Club veers into the realm of the unhinged after Sayori ends up committing suicide after seeing the MC hanging out with other girls in the literature club. It's a jarring moment that truly shocks and horrifies you to your core.

Doki Doki Easter Hunter sees the gang band together to hunt down some easter eggs... and that's about it. It's a short and lighthearted mod that will let you spend more time with the wonderful characters in the literature club.

What if Monika, Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri's club had been dedicated to pen & paper RPGs instead of literature? The concept, created by Papo_Swing, is pretty simplistic, but it has a huge impact on the overall game! It adds a choose your own adventure twist and features actual die rolls that can cause genuinely random things to take place, even if you make the same choices as before.


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