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Buy Products To Sell Online

Have you ever wondered how to source the products you want to sell in your online store? If you want to open your own online business, but haven't yet found your suppliers, it's time to get serious about doing business online.

buy products to sell online


To move from having an idea to create an Internet store to actually running your own online business you have to take a number of steps. One of the most important steps is to find reliable suppliers for your products.

Running an online store is a real business. Yet for one reason or another, a large number of people believe that merely 'opening' an online store will make them rich and independent. Consequently they are always looking for easy ways to open an online shop and to source their products.

Reputable distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers will ONLY deal with you, if you are a registered trader or put the other way round: Anyone willing to sell you wholesale goods without verifying that you are a registered trader is most likely not reputable and probably not offering you wholesale prices.

It is not just about the money, though. The decision to only sell wholesale lots also protects you as shop owner. Why should anyone buy products from you, if they could buy directly from the wholesaler?

It really is as simple as that, if you want to set up a real online business venture. Once you know a distributor, they will also be able to provide you with other products or know of other distributors who can help you.

Instead of you warehousing products, you simply forward an order to your drop shipper, and they will ship the product for you to the customer. All you have to do is create your shop, fill it with products the drop shipper supports, and market your website.

A number of companies with lists of drop shippers charge you monthly fees to provide you with access to the product lists and prices. Many prospective shop owners who have gone down that track have found that the products turned out to be more expensive than consumer prices already available on the Internet.

More than half the battle of starting a successful online store involves finding the right products to sell online. And as a result, I receive between 4-5 emails per day from readers asking me for niche ideas.

In fact when I try to think of niche products on my own, I often end up wasting my time on common place goods that are way too saturated or brilliant ideas that have zero demand.

Are you interested in creating a strong, defensible brand for your products? If so, I put together a comprehensive package of resources that will help you launch your own online store from complete scratch. Be sure to grab it before you leave!

Because selling online is completely different than selling in a brick and mortar store, you want to choose products that are conducive to online purchases and appeal to your target audience.

As a result, sales data derived from Amazon is a great representation of overall demand. In fact, more and more people are going straight to Amazon for ALL of their online shopping needs while bypassing Google and smaller online boutiques altogether.

In a nutshell, you can browse Amazon for product ideas and know roughly how well a product is selling by looking at the BSR. And through some persistence and hard work, you can find a profitable niche product to pursue.

Jungle Scout greatly speeds up the process by nicely collating all of the products on Amazon into a nice table for consumption. In addition, it can also point out specific products on Amazon that match your criteria.

In addition to JungleScout, I also use an Amazon keyword research tool made by Viral Launch to help me find keywords for products that people are searching for on Amazon.

Ultimately the goal of selling products online is to make a profit. So you need to look at the average selling price and make sure that you can source the product at a sufficient margin.

Similar to Amazon, EBay is also a great place to look for profitable goods to sell in your online store. Even though Amazon is a much larger marketplace, EBay is a great place to do research because you have access to sales data in real time.

Voila! EBay will now display a listing of products that have sold in the product category of your choice along with the final selling price. With this information, you should be able to get a good idea of the demand and selling price of a wide variety of products.

The easiest way to obtain search volume data is by using the Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool from Google. By looking at the exact keywords that people are typing in, you can get a good idea of what products are in demand and how much revenue you can generate.

Google Trends data can also be useful for finding trending products that may be seasonal. For example, if you sell ski equipment, Google trends will tell you when your target audience of skiers typically searches for ski equipment online.

Even though people find products to buy on Pinterest through keyword searches, the way people search on Pinterest is drastically different than on a typical search engine like Google.

Dropshipping is a type of online store where you are only responsible for taking orders and handling customer service. Once an order is placed on your website, your vendor handles the shipping and delivery of product to the end customer.

Now that you are aware of your product sourcing options, the best way to find vendors is to attend wholesale tradeshows. For example, if you are interested in importing products from China, you can check out the China Import And Export Fair Website.

Why Not Do All Of My Research Online? You might think that you can do all of your vendor research online, but wholesale vendors that you find on the web can be extremely sketchy.

In fact, there are many vendors online that are middlemen who pretend to be wholesale vendors just to get your business. It is because of these deceptive practices that I recommend finding vendors at trade shows rather than purely online.

Finding and sourcing products does not have to be a haphazard experience. As I have demonstrated, there is a wealth of data out there that can help you narrow down what you want to sell online.

The best selling items on Amazon change every single day which is why you have to use a product research tool like Jungle Scout to get an accurate answer. Jungle Scout allows you to tell how much money every single product on Amazon is generating on a monthly basis

The most profitable product ideas are items that have a strong unique value proposition and solve a specific problem or need. Consumable products are also ideal. For example,If you can get a customer to sign up for a subscription of your products, you will earn recurring revenue from a single sale.

Steve Chou is a highly recognized influencer in the ecommerce space and has taught thousands of students how to effectively sell physical products online over at His blog,, has been featured in Forbes, Inc, The New York Times, Entrepreneur and MSNBC. He's also a contributing author for BigCommerce, Klaviyo, ManyChat, Printful, Privy, CXL, Ecommerce Fuel, GlockApps, Privy, Social Media Examiner, Web Designer Depot, Sumo and other leading business publications. In addition, he runs a popular ecommerce podcast, My Wife Quit Her Job, which is a top 25 marketing show on all of Apple Podcasts. To stay up to date with all of the latest ecommerce trends, Steve runs a 7 figure ecommerce store,, with his wife and puts on an annual ecommerce conference called The Sellers Summit. Steve carries both a bachelors and a masters degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Despite majoring in electrical engineering, he spent a good portion of his graduate education studying entrepreneurship and the mechanics of running small businesses.

I want to start an online Business. I am from Brazil and want to BUY some cheap things to sell it here. Please send me the contacts that you have to help me out with that progressing steps towards success.

Hi Steve, very detailed article I must say. Yep, many people reaaally really want to start an online business and product is the most crucial aspect of it. I wanted to recommend Trendwatching, I find it really resourceful showing you the latest trends as well as the trends in the past. I believe it can help many online entrepreneurs to decide on their product especially if their budget are flexible. (btw, great photo of you and your little one)

HI,i just start a small jewelry can see my page. I want to sell on online.I tried on ebay but i sell only 2 items.Maybe i need help someone.Pleae give me a good advise.

I use, down to the items what sold most, searched for the most, million dollar sales, know exactly what to sell, plus other inside info and data, this cheat sheet is simply amazing ?

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