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Gennady Bolshakov
Gennady Bolshakov

Cats In Time Free Download (v17.01.2022)

After all robot mice is destroyed or 60 seconds has passed, mice will have 15 minutes to push up to 5 wedges of cheese. However, cheese wedges will not all come at once, instead coming in 3 stages with 3 wedges of cheese in the 1st stage, 1 in the 2nd stage and the last 1 in the 3rd stage. The mice will receive a boost in movement, cheese pushing and rescuing speed for mice and decrease Attack cooldown time for cats based on the number of wedges of cheese pushed, with each buff being 60 seconds longer. Up to a maximum of 3 wedges of cheese can be pushed to receive a buff, with additional wedges of cheese pushed to prevent the enemy from getting the buffs. The buff will go to the team that pushes the cheese in the hole. Cats will try to eliminate the enemy mice while guarding ally mice. They can disrupt the rocket chair dispatch time by attacking it. In this mode, cats can attack other enemy cats, either by their main attack or with their abilities. In this mode, cats can rescue their ally mice by destroying their current rocket, which takes about 6 hits or 3 fireworks

Cats in Time Free Download (v17.01.2022)

6.2 corporate benefits is entitled to discontinue, restrict or change the free provision of the platform at any time. Furthermore, corporate benefits is entitled to terminate the user agreement at any time by notifying the user in text form with a notice period of two days and to block the user's access to the platform when the termination becomes effective.

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