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Best Place To Buy Bar Stools

Bar stools are taller than your standard table chairs and can fit under a kitchen island or home bar. They give your home more seating space, which is useful for larger families or social gatherings. To help you find the best bar stools for your home, the This Old House Reviews Team researched a number of top-rated products on Amazon. Here are our top recommendations.

best place to buy bar stools


Positive reviews said that these bar stools were sturdy. They also said that the stools were easy to assemble, taking only 10 minutes for some customers to put them together. Negative reviews criticized these bar stools for having a poor paint job, being difficult to clean, and developing tears in the cushioning.

These faux leather stools were praised for their comfort and sturdiness. Many customers were impressed with how easy they were to assemble. Unsatisfied customers said that these bar stools were wobbly and shorter than advertised. Some also experienced poor customer service from the manufacturer.

Happy customers stated that these adjustable bar stools were easy to assemble, comfortable, and durable. Many said that they made a stylish addition to their kitchen. On the other hand, unhappy customers noted that the bases squeaked when they swiveled and that the seats were too small.

Many customers were pleased that these bar stools had removable backrests. Other reviews praised these bar stools for being sturdy and easy to assemble and clean. Unsatisfied customers noted that the backrests were too upright. Some also said that the wood looked fake.

Every piece of a bar stool, from the seat to the legs, should be considered before making a purchasing decision. Read our guide below to learn about a few important factors to consider before buying a set of bar stools.

Most bar stools are meant to be counter-height. Before buying a set of stools, measure the distance between the floor and the bottom of your countertop or table. Choose stools that are around that height to ensure that they fit properly.

Bar stools are made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal or steel, genuine or faux leather, rattan, fabric, and plastic. Harder materials like wood or metal will be durable but less comfortable compared to a leather bar stool, or one with a soft fabric seat.

The most comfortable bar stools have a cushioned seat. You can also find stools that have a backrest, preventing you from having to sit upright. To remain compact, most bar stools with a backrest have a low back design.

Some bar stools can swivel or change heights. A swiveling capability allows you to turn to carry out conversations with different people. Height adjustability is useful if you plan on using your stools under different tables or if your family members have different heights.

The benefits of a bar stool include its compact size, portability, and versatility as an everyday or as-needed seating solution. With one or more bar stools situated at a kitchen counter or island, they make a great informal seating area for snacks, quick meals, or socializing.

We recommend products in each review using an intensive research process, spending hours combing through the best available models on Amazon. For a product to make our list of top picks, it must hold a solid sales record on Amazon, have consistently positive customer reviews, and offer unique features, among other factors. After narrowing down our list of recommendations, we conduct additional research and sometimes in-person testing to ensure that the products meet our standards. Once we conclude the research phase, we craft a well-rounded, user-friendly article that includes our recommended products and additional information to help homeowners like you make the right purchase.

The Homall Adjustable Swiveling Bar Stools may look simple, but they're the total package. These faux-leather bar stools have a little more cushioning than most other models do. They swivel and are height-adjustable between 22 and 33 inches. We're naming them the best overall because they're a great value for having all of the features you need in a new set of bar stools.

The Roundhill Furniture Ellston Upholstered Adjustable Swivel Barstools bring classiness and comfort. These seats swivel and can also be raised between 36 and 44.5 inches, so taller guests can have a bit more legroom, too. The contoured bucket seats are elegant but also comfy, and many reviewers love the vibrancy of the velvet upholstery.

Information Accuracy - We have taken great care to provide you with information that is accurate and useful. Please notify us if you find an error and we will do our best to correct it. We ask that you contact us directly to confirm information about pricing, color, features, dimensions, availability and lead times.

Whether you are in the process of a kitchen renovation or looking to update your existing kitchen new modern counter stools will make a huge difference. When it comes to modern counter stools there are so many to choose from in every style and budget.

While most retailers have counter island stools in their assortment of furniture I have my favorites. These are the retailers I always find myself going to when shopping for modern contemporary furniture.

At just under $180 this set of two counter stools is another fabulous option for anyone just starting out or on a budget. It has a metal frame and upholstered seat that makes it comfortable for everyday use.

Like shopping for a new sofa, choosing stools that fit your design aesthetic might seem easy, but can be surprisingly difficult. For expert guidance, we tapped Delyse Berry, cofounder of interiors and real estate firm Upstate Down. Berry specializes in sourcing home decor, furniture consultation, and creating strategic layouts, so she understands the importance of merging form and function for the ideal bar and counter stool.

While these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, Berry points out there's a difference in height worth paying attention to. "Bar height stools are generally around 30 inches off the ground for a 42-inch bar height. Counter height stools are generally around 25 inches off the ground for a 36-inch counter," she tells POPSUGAR. It's important to get exact measurements for your counter and make sure the seat height of the stool is going to be comfortable for you.

There's nothing worse than having a cluttered walkway or seating that's squeezed so close together you can't move. Berry has a general rule of thumb for considering the space you'll need for kitchen island seating. "Typically, the working side of an island is a busy walkway and workspace. The stool side of an island should ideally be more open and have substantially more space behind it," says Berry. When sourcing bar and counter stools, she keeps in mind a specific formula: "We like to leave at least 48 inches of space between the back of kitchen island stools and any other furniture or structure. As a standard seating rule, you should have at least 24 inches of space for one seat and about 6 inches between stools."

To narrow down the options, you'll want to first consider your budget. Deciding how much you want to spend will help you hone in on choices that are accessible. Functionality should also play a critical role. Do you need stools with swivel mechanisms? Do you have kids who need to be able to adjust their stools to reach the counter? If comfort is a high priority, you might want to look for stools with cushioned seats.

Berry also points out another big decision choice: choosing between going backless or opting for a back for extra support. "For a super minimal look or if the countertops are really show-stopping, we might go backless to really let the kitchen shine," she says. On the other hand, she points out that comfort isn't the only reason you might choose a stool with a back. "There are so many beautifully made stools; using one with a full back is a great opportunity to add texture and warmth to your kitchen," she says. "[Chair backs are] a great chance to add some curved shapes to a linear space," she says. When asked about her go-to materials, earthier options took the lead. "We love using leather, natural fibers, and linen," she says.

If you're looking for stools that play a supporting role instead of stealing the stage, Berry recommends going with backless stools. This Castlery Abel Leather Counter Stool ($229) still packs plenty of style with its slim legs and curved leather seat. It also has a perfect five-star rating from more than 30 reviewers.

Do you want that classic fireplace look? We have an enormous selection of standard gas and wood-burning fireplaces that we can easily install in your indoor living space. A simple gas-burning fixture is easy to turn on, give you access to cozy comfort in a matter of minutes.

Some people just prefer the look and feel of wood-burning fireplaces, however. Maybe you like feeding and stoking a real fireplace while your family enjoys the comfort of the heat. Whatever your priorities are, we have options for you.

Are your tastes pointing you in the direction of modern-looking electric fireplaces? We offer options in that department as well, including the upscale, contemporary look of Heat & Glo electric units.

Wood fireplaces are stunning, traditional fixtures in any home. They provide natural focal points in a room, making it easy to decorate. Having a wood fireplace gives you heating options in the event of a power outage, even in the colder months; it can also help cut down on utility bills. A wood-burning fireplace adds value to your home due to its combination of style and function.

As for the width allowance for each stool, give about 15 inches per stool as your starting point (so a 5-foot counter can accommodate four stools). But this might work only if your bar stools are on the slender side. For wider seats or ones that swivel, allow for more elbow room.

Have a modern home? Gillespie suggests acrylic stools with metal legs or backless industrial swivel stools for a downtown loft vibe. A traditional home might benefit from a wooden spindle-back stool. You can also add unexpected freshness to your kitchen with colorful stools or cushions. 041b061a72


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