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Vlad and Niki: The Brothers Who Love to Have Fun

Vlad and Niki: The Global Preschool Phenomenon on YouTube

If you have a preschooler at home, chances are you have heard of Vlad and Niki, the two brothers who have taken YouTube by storm with their fun and crazy videos. Vlad and Niki are not just ordinary kids, they are global superstars with millions of fans around the world. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Vlad and Niki, from their background and personality to their videos and achievements. Let's get started!

vlad i niki

Who are Vlad and Niki?

Vlad and Niki are Russian American-born brothers who live in Florida, USA. Vladislav Vashketov, or Vlad, was born on February 26, 2013, and Nikita Vashketov, or Niki, was born on June 4, 2015. Their parents, Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, are originally from Moscow, Russia, and run 21 YouTube channels in 18 languages. Vlad and Niki are very close to each other and love to play together. They have a lot of imagination and creativity, which they showcase in their videos.

How did they start their YouTube journey?

Vlad and Niki started their YouTube journey in 2018, when they were only 5 and 3 years old respectively. Their parents decided to create a channel for them after noticing their interest in watching other kids' videos on YouTube. They thought it would be a fun way to document their childhood memories and share them with their family and friends. They also wanted to encourage their sons to express themselves and develop their skills. They named the channel "Vlad and Niki" after their nicknames.

The first video they uploaded was called "Magic Little Driver ride on Toy Cars and Transform car for kids". It featured Vlad and Niki playing with toy cars and transforming them into different vehicles. The video was an instant hit, gaining over 700 million views as of June 2021. Since then, Vlad and Niki have uploaded hundreds of videos on their main channel, as well as on their other channels that focus on different topics such as gaming, cooking, music, vlogs, etc.

What makes them so popular among kids?

Vlad and Niki have become one of the most popular kids' channels on YouTube for several reasons. First of all, they have a great chemistry as brothers. They are always smiling, laughing, joking, and having fun together. They also have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which makes them very entertaining to watch. Secondly, they have a lot of variety in their videos. They make videos about toys, stories, adventures, challenges, experiments, education, creativity, etc. They also use a mix of live action, animation, music, sound effects, etc. to make their videos more appealing. Thirdly, they have a lot of relatability to their audience. They are just like any other kids who love to play, learn, explore, and discover new things. They also face similar situations and problems as their viewers, such as sharing toys, making friends, going to school, etc. They show how they cope with these issues in a positive and humorous way.

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What kind of videos do they make?

Vlad and Niki make different kinds of videos for different tastes and preferences. Here are some of the main categories of their videos:

Funny stories with toys

One of the most popular types of videos that Vlad and Niki make is funny stories with toys. In these videos, they use various toys such as cars, trains , superheroes, dinosaurs, robots, etc. to create funny and imaginative scenarios. For example, they might pretend to be superheroes who save the world from villains, or they might pretend to be dinosaurs who chase each other in the jungle. They also use costumes, props, and special effects to make their stories more realistic and exciting. These videos are great for kids who love to laugh and have fun with toys.

Adventures and challenges

Another type of videos that Vlad and Niki make is adventures and challenges. In these videos, they go on various adventures and face different challenges along the way. For example, they might go on a treasure hunt, a camping trip, a roller coaster ride, a water park visit, etc. They also try different activities such as obstacle courses, escape rooms, slime making, etc. They show their bravery, curiosity, and teamwork skills in these videos. These videos are great for kids who love to explore and try new things.

Educational and creative content

A third type of videos that Vlad and Niki make is educational and creative content. In these videos, they learn new things and express their creativity. For example, they might learn about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals, plants, etc. They also do various crafts, experiments, puzzles, games, etc. that stimulate their imagination and logic. They show their intelligence, curiosity, and talent in these videos. These videos are great for kids who love to learn and create.

What are some of their achievements and collaborations?

Vlad and Niki have achieved a lot of success and recognition in their YouTube career. Here are some of their achievements and collaborations:

Millions of subscribers and views

Vlad and Niki have over 75 million subscribers on their main channel as of June 2021. They also have over 50 billion views on their videos across all their channels. They are one of the most viewed YouTube channels in the world, ranking among the top 10 in 2020. They have fans from different countries and cultures who watch their videos in different languages.

Merchandise and apps

Vlad and Niki have also launched their own merchandise and apps for their fans. They have a range of products such as toys, clothing, books, games, etc. that feature their characters and themes. They also have apps such as Vlad & Niki Supermarket Game and Vlad & Niki World that allow kids to play with them in interactive and educational ways.

Partnerships and awards

Vlad and Niki have also collaborated with various brands and organizations to promote their products and causes. For example, they have partnered with LEGO, Hot Wheels, Colgate, etc. to create sponsored videos that showcase their products in fun and creative ways. They have also supported charities such as UNICEF and Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise awareness and funds for children in need. They have also won several awards such as the Kids' Choice Awards, the Streamy Awards, the Webby Awards, etc. for their excellence in online content creation.

Why should you watch Vlad and Niki?

Vlad and Niki are not just another kids' channel on YouTube. They are a global preschool phenomenon that offers a lot of benefits for both kids and parents. Here are some reasons why you should watch Vlad and Niki:

They are entertaining and engaging

Vlad and Niki are very entertaining and engaging to watch. They make videos that are funny, exciting, colorful , and diverse. They capture the attention and interest of kids with their lively and dynamic presentation. They also interact with their audience by asking questions, giving instructions, making jokes, etc. They make kids feel like they are part of their videos and adventures.

They are positive and inspiring

Vlad and Niki are also very positive and inspiring to watch. They make videos that are uplifting, optimistic, and motivational. They show kids how to have fun, be happy, and enjoy life. They also show kids how to overcome challenges, learn new things, and achieve their goals. They inspire kids to be confident, curious, and creative.

They are family-friendly and safe

Vlad and Niki are also very family-friendly and safe to watch. They make videos that are suitable for all ages, especially for preschoolers. They do not use any violence, profanity, or inappropriate content in their videos. They also follow the YouTube Kids guidelines an


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